Research regarding iridology and energetic centers or chakras

The most harmful component of transgenic wheat: glyphosate

According to investigations developed by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), glyphosate is highly concentrated on the pulp of transgenic wheat. When a cell looks for supplies to form proteins it resorts to the glyphosate instead of the glycine which gives place to the creation of a damaged component. This situation can lead to an unpredictable behavior that could trigger the emergence of many diseases.

The effects produced by glyphosate revealed by prestigious researchers

According to studies made by the WHO (World Health Organization), glyphosate is responsible for different types of cancer that affect they kidneys, pancreas and liver.

The work of prestigious researchers like Stephanie Seneff and Anthony Samsel has made possible for each one of us to have access to this information so we can be aware of the kind of food we are ingesting. Additional studies have revealed that this compound...

Fighting against the adverse effects caused by the intake of transgenic wheat

Food production of mass consumption as bread, pasta and bakery products have a high concentration of a potentially poisonous compound. It is contained in the structure of transgenic wheat which is used on the elaboration of the mentioned aliments and is known as glyphosate. After finding some useful information, I realized that it was the trigger for many imbalances I was still experimenting despite making major changes in my diet. Such situation motivated me to investigate more deeply.

Skin spots and dermatitis herpetiformis

The first symptom that called my attention was the emergence of persisting dark spots on my skin which escalated after I started to consume products made with whole wheat. Alternative therapies provide a wide variety of resources which are very effective on the treatment of such imbalances such as aloe vera, parsley, lemon and cucumber milk.

 I resorted to all of them and...

Vegan diet: your ally for a healthy radical change

In a previous post I documented how an internal recovery is taking place in my organism through healthy vegetarian meals combined with therapeutic sounds which are restoring the optimal vibration of my body at an energetic and cellular level.

However, I was aware that as long as I continued eating bread, my cells would still be exposed to the oxidation triggered by the eggs contained on it. Since I am also working with handmade jewelry, I’m always investigating new techniques and studying the trends. During my research I came up with a very interesting tutorial with images of a technique that oxidizes pieces of metal. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the method implied the use of a hard-boiled egg! I wanted to share such picture in this post so all of you can see what it does to metal and make an idea of what it makes to our bodies.

Eggs, milk,...

The eyes as a way to understand your life path

Iridology is evolving at a point that it is leading us to a better understanding of human being, not only as a physical body, but as an energetic being. Dr. Jacques Guidoni was one of the few that began to pay attention to the eyes of children, that is how he found out that children eyes display iridologic signs just like the eyes of an adult, even though, physiologically speaking, there is no explanation for the existence of such signs. Another curious fact is that a new born iris has usually a gray or a dark blue color, it takes about one month for the pigmentation to get fixed on the iris, and when this happens, the iridologic signs emerge.

Therefore, iridologic signs emerge even before any physical imbalance takes place. What explains Dr. Guidoni, is that such iridologic signs display a genetic programming of the most vulnerable areas of the body. From such observations, Dr. Guidoni gets to the conclusion that nervous...

Iridology and cholesterol

The cholesterol ring or lipemic ring is an opaque white circle which appears in the outer area of the iris which corresponds to lymphatic system, and therefore, related to blood flow through small vessels. According to iridology, this sign may indicate high triglycerides, high cholesterol level on blood or the tendency to develop high blood fats.

This sign is not seeing from birth, it is built in time, it usually starts as an arch or as a partial ring, and then it expands itself gradually until a full circle is formed. In the presence of a full circle, there is the possibility of blockages on arteries which can produce a heart complication.

Although this sign can also be related to high levels of sodium (due to a high consumption of salt) or calcium, when this sign is caused by high levels of cholesterol, there can be found signs reflecting hepatic dysfunctions, especially in the fifth area in the region...

Heart chakra and skin health

When the iris presents a dark tone on the outer edge, it indicates that the skin has a poor elimination activity which may lead to a congestion and overload of toxins. Skin, as heart, lungs and blood circulation, are governed by heart chakra, therefore an imbalance on them is reflecting a disturbance on such energetic center. When heart chakra is weak or blocked, there is a difficulty to create harmonious relationships and to express emotions and feelings. A negative emotional experience, like for instance, the experience of a child who is constantly witnessing discussions between their parents, can lead to weaken or block this heart chakra.

The impression is created as it follows, there is a contact from the outer experience with the physical body through the senses, and it creates a sensation in the astral body, that sensation is transformed into perception by the mental body, which constitutes the material for future...

The iris as a clear window of our energetic bodies

Our bodies have found the way to tell us when an important imbalance is taking place through the signs that emerge in the eye, not only in the iris, but also in the sclera, through such signs it is possible to detect in time alterations in the tissues and performance of any organ and make the adequate adjustments in order to restore a healthy state, however, such signs can also reflect imbalances in our energetic bodies as well, if we open our minds and learn to read them.

The surface of iris is composed by trabeculas, small fibrous strands of connective tissue which are connected to areas of the nervous system, additionally, the sphincter and dilator muscles of the iris are influenced by the sympathetic and the parasympathetic system, two branches of the nervous system that work in counterbalance. The sympathetic system dilates pupils while the person is under stress or suffering from anxiety since this system is designed...

The importance of a healthy digestion revealed by the collarette

This is the first concentric circle which is located next to the pupillary border. When the iris is divided in zones, the collarette, also known as iridologic or sympathetic crown, is located in third area. In a perfectly healthy state this crown should be barely noticeable. However, this sign can be found in the majority of the eyes, and it results when the lines that emerge from the outer border of the iris create a zigzag when they meet with the lines that emerge from the pupillary border.

This area corresponds to the great neuroglandular system. This sign generally reflects the disharmony between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems, which have antagonists functions. Since this crown is located in the periphery of the gastrointestinal area, from the naturist point of view, this sign represents the relationship between the state of the digestive system and the rest of the components of the...

Vegetarian food combined with frequency healing reflected on the iris

A few days ago, I found an article that really called my attention, it was the testimonial of Carly Fraser, who has been eating raw vegan for six years by now, and what called my attention was the impressive change perceived in the color of her eyes, although her eyes had a brownish color, after all this time she has been eating raw vegan food, her eyes color changed to a soft green as it can be seen the pictures she shares in her article.

I have changed my diet too, since 2013 I became vegetarian, and I became vegan almost three months ago, in addition I have been listening frequencies I created with the assistance of the book “A handbook of Chakra Healing” written by Kalashatra Govinda, to restore the balance of my first, second and third chakras for almost six months by now, therefore, I decided to compare the pictures I have been taking of my irises since I began to listen these frequencies.


How vibrational and energetic changes are reflected in iris

As it has been proven by the study made by quantum physicists, we are not just a physical body; in fact, such physical body is made of energy vibrating at a low frequency, additionally we are surrounded by an energy field. To understand how our bodies work at an energetic level, it is important to review some of the information revealed by the work and investigation made through decades by many experts on the field of holistic healing.

Arthur Edward Powell identifies in that energy field four bodies: the Etheric Double, the Astral Body, the Mental Body and the Causal Body, being the second the one that is more related to our emotions. Each one of such bodies is affected by personal experiences, thoughts and emotions, which is why each person has a different rate of vibration.

Traumatic events and situations have a strong effect on energetic bodies. Powell explains in his book The Etheric Double...

Characteristics related to Neurogenic constitution

Neurogenic constitution is characterized by the presence of very thin and stretched fibers; it makes the iris look like a fine silk fabric. Sometimes it is possible to find a small separation between the fibers located on the area of lungs or on the urogenital area.

This constitution is mainly focused on the nervous system. There can be found two types of this constitution, one is the Neurogenic Sensitive, and the second is the Neurogenic Robust.

Neurogenic Robust constitution

In this case the iris is characterized for having a good density. This constitution reveals a resilient personality, a person with a reckless attitude. However this person is also affected by the problems of lymphatic constitution such as inflammation and catarrh, severe fibrous inflammation (pericarditis, peritonitis, tuberculosis, colitis, pleurisy and certain types of joint inflammation) and gastrointestinal...

Phases of pathologies reflected on iris

The manifestation of every disease follows a process which involves a predisposition to certain diseases on the patient, a latency period and a period of symptomatic manifestations which can be of acute or chronic nature. Iridology can help to detect such stages which can be catalogued as:

  1. Inherited or congenital predisposition.
  2. Acute inflammation.
  3. Sub-acute state
  4. Chronic state.
  5. Destructive state.

Inherited or congenital predisposition

This state is manifested due to the presence of darkening in the areas corresponding to organs, separation between the fibers of iris. In many cases the iris of a child is capable of reflecting certain predispositions, for instance it is possible to find closed lacunae which indicate a potential weakness on the organ corresponding to the area where the sign emerges.

Acute inflammation


What you can discover through the localization of lacunae

Lacunae constitute iridologic signs with the shape of a lacunas found on the surface of our planet, these signs usually look like an oval or they also present a lanceolate shape, these signs are the result of the separation between iris fibers which reveal the underlying layer of the iris tissue.

Lacunae usually indicate an inherent weakness and they can evolve to become crypts. This sign can be found with quite frequency, and it can be catalogued on many categories depending on its main characteristics. The features of a lacuna that should be observed with more attention include dimming, amplitude, number and shape.

Open and closed lacunae

An open lacuna has at least one open ending instead of having a full circumference shape, an open lacuna usually involves a health problem which has not been fully solved, and therefore the pathology may affect other organs in addition to one that is suffering...

Health issues that can be revealed by the Collarette

The Collarette constitutes the band of the autonomic nervous system, and its characteristics reveal important hints related to the health of the individual.

One of the most important characteristics is the regularity of the collarette, it reveals the level of equilibrium of the nervous system, the collarette also provides information related to the exchange of nutrients and toxins between intestines fluids of the body.

The coloration, the quality and the shape of the collarette help to identify the patterns of intestinal activity and reactive arrangements, information useful to observe the reaction of the system depending of the lifestyle the individual has chosen (diet, emotional situations, stress levels).

If the collarette presents a dark coloration, it reveals a condition related to the presence of toxic enzymes and the high possibility of an excess of bacterial flora in the intestinal tract. A...

Types of pigments that can be observed on iris

Some of the most striking signs reflected on iris are the pigments, which are very important for the detection of the organ or system that is being affected by an imbalance. In fact, the pioneer on iridology Nils Liljequist began his studies when he wanted to find out the source and cause for the pigments on iris.

Pigments are not necessarily related to an organic lesion since they do not affect the integrity of the iris tissue; however they indicate a metabolic imbalance produced by a failure on the elimination of toxic products. In some cases, the person can present two or three different types of pigments which are interpreted as a metabolic overload that is affecting the organ or system corresponding to the area where these spots emerge, the color of the pigment can reveal more details about the imbalance.

Urosein pigments

These pigments have a pale yellow coloration, and sometimes these...

Information revealed by crypts

As Doctor Bernard Jensen said, “In reading the fibbers of the iris, we are reading the reactions of tissues within the body”. There are signs that affect the structure of the iris tissue since they emerge when fibers are separated forming undulations, they indicate in a general way an insufficiency on the performance of the organ corresponding to area where the sign emerges. These signs can be classified in two types: Lacunae and Crypts.

Characteristics of a Crypt

Crypts constitute signs associated to the worse prognosis; these are signs with the shape of small holes which usually look like a rhomboid with straight edges, crypts affect the fibbers of the iris tissue to its deepest layers allowing us to see the dark color of the pigment epithelium.

In most of the cases these signs can be found on the fourth and fifth zone of iris; however crypts can also emerge on the pupillary area...

Strength and weakness revealed by iris density

One of the main general signs that should be observed while reading the iris is the density it has; the density is the expression of texture state of the tissue of the iris. Essentially, density can be defined by the amount of iridologic signs that are found on the iris like lacunes and crypts, such signs emerge due to looser connective fibers, when the whole picture is observed without considering the signs presented by each area, it is possible to gather more information about the general constitutional state of the body.

Therefore, density of iris reveals the levels of vitality, strength, resistance and the ability of the person to regain a healthy state. Density of iris is genetically determined and it can be observed from an early age.

Silk density

An iris with this density does not present undulations or lacunae or any other sign of irritation. Fibers on an iris with this constitution...

Iris Diathesis based on chemical deposits

The color of iris can be affected by the accumulation of medicines or chemical deposits on the body, these deposits are reflected as spots with different patterns on the iris. Thus, diathesis can be classified depending on the characteristics of spots and chemical deposits signs found on iris.

Uric acid Diathesis

This sign can be found with more frequency on people with blue eyes, although it can also be found on brown eyes. In this case the iris presents grayish-white or brown spots which are interspersed around the medium area of iris, on the other hand the band of autonomic nervous system looks thickened with a whitish coloration, the lymphatic area also presents little white spots but with a particularity, these signs are not well defined as in the case of hydrogenoid diathesis, instead these spots have a diffuse appearance. The ciliary border (which corresponds to skin) can look darker due to the lack of...

Characteristics and source of main iris rings

There are three iridologic signs which cover the seventh area and sometimes the sixth area of iris and are frequently considered as the same sign, however, even though such signs have many characteristics in common, there are slight differences useful to distinguish one from another and therefore it is possible to identify the real source for the sign. Two of such signs affect the peripheral border of the iris causing certain distortion in the transparency of the cornea.

Lipemic ring

This ring is also known as cholesterol ring and it appears on the cornea as an opaque white circle around the outer zone of the iris, however this sign does not emerge from the fibers of iris though it obscures the outer ring of iris, making a little bit difficult to see other signs manifested on the fibbers corresponding to sixth and seventh ring.

Iridologic Rings

Iridologic constitutions based on stroma structure and on iris color

The understanding of inherited constitution is important in order to have clear picture of our strengths and weaknesses at an organic level. Through the understanding of constitution it is possible to adopt adequate therapies in order to detoxify the body and restore the general balance. Iridology provides the best tools and hints to recognize the constitution of an individual, therefore it helps us to identify on time certain tendencies and adopt an appropriate lifestyle to prevent the emergence of specific diseases.

Improving our constitution and preventing diseases

Many factors have the capacity of weakening the constitution through generations; such factors include pharmaceutical agents, vaccines, inorganic minerals, extreme emotions, mental obsessions, alcohol intake, stress, depression, bad nourishment and a sedentary life among others.

On the other hand, factors which help to strengthen...

Iridologic signs related to cancer and tissue degeneration

Iridology is capable of revealing pathological and functional imbalances through the study of lines, spots and discolorations that affect the surface of iris. Thus, many therapists have been able to identify clear signs associated to the emergence of degenerative diseases like cancer; such knowledge can be useful to detect on time the tendency for the emergence of such disease in order to change the habits and the nutrition of the patient to prevent the disease.

Signs that are present on iris and related to tissue degeneration

The signs of weakness associated to cancer that emerge on the iris include asparagus shaped lacunae, crypts, lacunae with loss of symmetry and aberrant single fibers. Crypts with lancet shape are usually small although they also tend to be very deep. If in addition the crypts are surrounded by a dark border or if they are included in the toxemic area, they indicate greater...

Etheric body healing and the restoration of energetic balance

Our body receives life and vitality from an invisible and yet real energetic structure which is made of vital force, a kind of subtle energy. Such structure constitutes the memory of the physical body, its organs and systems; and it is known as the etheric body. When the etheric body is healthy and filled with vital energy, the physical body remains healthy.

The etheric body can be considered as a workforce of energy for the physical body, providing the necessary resources for stability, restoration and cell regeneration. The etheric body receives the vital energy transmitted by the sun through the solar plexus chakra; this body also receives vital energy transmitted by the earth through the base chakra. The seven chakras constitute energy centers which allow the accumulation of energy which is transferred through them to physical body on uninterrupted vital flows, since they interpenetrate the physical body just like a...

How energy flow and emotions are related

Each vital organ such as liver, kidneys, stomach, heart and lungs does not only have physiological functions, each of such organs also has a sensorial, emotional, social, mental and spiritual dimension with an important influence on the human being as a unit. In a similar way, every fluid also receives the influence produced by emotions.

Lines of energy on the body and emotions are closely related and both of them play important roles on the overall equilibrium of the body. When a segment of the body is blocked, the flow of energy is interrupted and therefore the expression of a determined emotion is also hindered. For instance, if a person holds the tears, this person normally experiences an uncomfortable feeling on the throat, which is caused by a muscle contraction which appears next to an energy blockade, and of course also next to an emotional blockade. It is possible to feel with the hand the energetic field that...

Relationship between emotions and health reflected on the iris

There is a connection between diseases and emotions. Psychosomatic Medicine considers and analyzes emotions from a therapeutic point of view; however, iridology is also capable of reflecting the relationship between emotions and physical imbalances.

Diseases reflect something that cannot be understood by the individual, when the emotional imbalance can be identified and treated, the signs and symptoms of the disease are relieved and in some cases the disease can completely disappear. Dr. Fairda Sharan explains a little bit how diseases and emotions are closely related on her book “Iridology: A complete guide to diagnosis through the iris and to related forms of treatment”.

Dr. Sharan, on her book, shares an interesting experience related to a patient who had been suffering for more than two years due to the death of her beloved father. This person was forced to suppress her feelings; as a...

Iris revealing vibratory changes on the body

Traditional Chinese medicine has revealed that a web of channels known as meridians go through the body, they are connected to every organ, tissue and cell present in the body. Analyzing the distribution of the blood circulatory system, the nervous system and the lymphatic system, there can be found a correspondence with the distribution of meridians, lines through which vital energy circulates.

The explanation for this correspondence can be found on the fact that vital energy is required to maintain every system on an active state and with a correct performance. The eight extraordinary meridians are in charge of the management of original and inherited energy which lies on kidneys. Two of them, the Conception meridian and the Governor meridian have a special importance since they make an energetic circuit which is known as microcosmic orbit. The Governor meridian is originated on kidneys; there it collects the original...

The role of iridology on preventive medicine

An iridology analysis reveals genetic potentialities and weaknesses, irritated and congested areas on different systems including the digestive system. Iridology plays a very important role on preventive medicine, which is very sought by many people who want to enjoy a plenty and healthy life. According to the opinion of Chelsea Summers, who is a prestigious columnist of the “Azerbaijan international”, an unquestionable reality is that all governments around the world are struggling trying to find the best way to reduce the cost associated to medical care.

In relation to such a subject, Summers says that preventive medicine is clearly a key factor to reduce costs related to medical care while at the same time the quality of medical service is improved, she also says that a diagnosis technique focused on preventive treatment is iridology.

Iridology plays an important role on preventive medicine...

Rayid: The study of the personality of patient through iridology

Iridology has many aspects which help the naturopath to identify the patient as an individual; since it constitutes the study of iris on many facets such as anatomy, physiology, histology and pathology, through iridology it is possible to get to know the general constitution of a person and in this way it is possible to detect his strengths and weaknesses by understanding the signs presented by iris.

However, iridology also provides the possibility of diagnosing the personality of the patient, in this way iridology does not only focuses on physical aspects; it identifies the patient as an individual. Rayid Method, which is also known as behavioral iridology, provides a valuable assistance to the therapist in the identification of genetic patterns of behavior through the study of the structural constitution of iris.

Rayid Method identifies basically four types of constitutional iris structures: Jewel, Stream,...

Iris reveals valuable information which can benefit kids health

Iridological signs constitute manifestations which evolve in parallel with physical complaints, and recent studies have revealed that iridological signs manifested on the iris of child could constitute a warning concerning the ailments to which this child is predisposed due to genetic factors.

Doctor Jacques Guidoni, a recognized professional, has found that when the pigmentation of the iris is permanently fixed, approximately one month after the birth of the child, the first iridological signs emerge. These signs in most of cases indicate physiological tendencies for the child defined by genetics, this assertion reinforces the fact that iridological signs do not emerge as a product of the disease, and in fact in many cases they become visible even before the disease takes place.

The investigations made by many iridologists are confirming that iridology provides valuable information about the strengths and...

The study of eyes through psycho iridology

The iridology is a non invasive system employed to assess the health of a person, this technique has been widely employed by holistic therapists who see the human being as a whole instead of following the perspective of allopathic medicine which tends to fragment human being in many parts as they were independent.

Through the study of iris, it is possible to recognize constitutive deficiencies which indicate possible risks for the emergence of diseases; the iris tells the therapist where to look at and which is the most adequate treatment for the patient in order to restore a balance on overall health, in that sense iridology is not only helpful to provide the healing of a patient, but also it is useful to help on the prevention of the emergence of diseases.

In many other cases it is possible to find patients with clear health disorientation, which is the case of patients who present many symptoms and yet the...