Research regarding iridology and energetic centers or chakras

Features of a professional portable iriscope

It is know that eyes from the embryonic stage have a great amount of nerve terminals that are connected to the brain and to all the body, therefore iris is capable of reflecting issues related with the state and performance of many organs. All these signs can be detected with the help of appropriated equipment such as the iriscope.

The iriscope is a tool capable of capturing an image of iris which then can be opened and processed on a computer in order to detect all the signs reflected on it and therefore, detect in time the possible weaknesses of the patient. There are many options available on the market; however it is important to choose the best tool in order to obtain the highest quality images of irises.

Best iriscopes available can provide images of even eight megapixels; however one of the obstacles to take a good picture of the eye constitutes the difficulty to maintain the eyelids of the...

The role of iridology camera and iriscope on modern iridology analysis

With the constant improvements on technology, every day new tools which are helpful for the field of medicine are released, and Iridology is also being favored by these improvements. One of the most helpful tools for the iridologist these days would be the Iriscope.

The Iriscope is a tool employed to analyze with more detail the characteristics of iris, Doctor Bernard Jensen developed the first professional iridology camera which was used to take high quality pictures of the eye, so they can be studied in detail with the help of the chart developed by Doctor Jensen too. Since then many new models have been developed, these days there can be found modern models of iriscope which can be directly connected to the computer through the USB port; such improvements have given place to the computerized digital iridology.

For many years iridologists have worked with the assistance of a magnifying glass to detect the...