Research regarding iridology and energetic centers or chakras

Stress Patterns Revealed By Sclerology

The sclera reveals patterns of stress; each sign present on the sclera has a direct relation with one organ, there can be found at least four basic signs revealing an imbalance on the organism, these are discoloration, deposits, traveling lines and lines pointing toward iris.

Causes for the emergence of stress patterns on the sclera include a constitutional weakness that is affecting a determined tissue, impaired integrity of a determined tissue and impaired performance of the organ or tissue, in general, the conditions reflected on the sclera affect somehow the integrity or the performance of the tissue.

Dr. Stuart Wheelwright was one of the precursors of sclerology, his studies revealed that sclera has a map of correspondence with each organ of the body, and by studying the length and the shape of each line it is possible to determine with precision the source and the type of stress affecting the or organ or...

How Sclerology can compliment information revealed by iridology

Traditionally, iridology diagnosis is based on the observation of iris; yet it is important to know that other signs can be detected on the eyeball. Sclerology is the science that studies the sclera, which is the white area of the eyes; this study has as a main goal to diagnose, detect and predict a disease and to observe its possible evolution.

The study of sclerology can be traced back to the times of ancient Chinese and Babylonians; however it has been studied with more detail only during the last twenty five years by health professionals like Josef Angerer, H.W. Schimmel and Rudolf Schnabel.

On Sclerology, the fundamental state of the fine network of capillaries, arterioles and veins located on the sclera is observed. The analysis of sclera reveals valuable information which can complement the details revealed by the study of iris. Iridology reveals weaknesses and strengths of the person, genetic...