Research regarding iridology and energetic centers or chakras

Change our way to face challenges and help our body to absorb nutrients

The stressful lifestyle that we carry every single day is the very main source of most of our health problems, of course you have read this before or have heard of it, but have you ever wondered which is the source for this fact and how to prevent it from keep happening?

According to the dictionary, stress can be defined as a reaction that one individual has in the presence of situations that challenge his abilities, such challenges come in many forms, the can be of economic type, of social type, the resources one has to respond to such challenges will define the level of stress experienced. If it is too high, it can affect many biological functions, among them, the performance of the digestive system, which can give place to imbalances such as overweight or anorexia.

This is the reason why many people who adopt a healthy diet or take nutritional supplements, still struggle with weight problems,...