My work and research

I began to work as a software developer on the Universidad Mayor de San Simón of the city of Cochabamba, on which I received my Degree in Systems Engineering, during that time I had the chance to practice on technologies like Java and JSP.

From the beginning of my professional trajectory I had the opportunity to work on the development of systems related to investigation projects oriented to provide a support to the diagnosis of diseases, that was the case of the WebStation system for Physicians and the Birth Weight for Gestational Age System on which I worked for the company of Hanantek.

I also had the chance to work with technologies related to web design and websites development such as Asp 3.0, PHP and .NET as database handlers such as MySql, PostgreSql, Oracle and SQLServer.

Web design

During many years I had the chance to work with a dearest friend of mine on the development of many websites which gave me the opportunity to learn more accurately about SEO techniques and the improvement of static and dynamic websites. It was for those sites that I began to write articles mainly related to health topics.

My trajectory as a writer

Just a few years ago I had the chance to write my first book regarding how technology can provide support to an important preventive diagnostic technique which is known as Iridology, this book receives the name of “Sistema Computarizado para el Diagnóstico Iridológico de Enfermedades” (Computerized System for Iridologic Diagnosis of Diseases), it is the result of a compilation of information related to the field of iridology and support it can receive from the available computerized technologies.

The development of such book has opened new doors for me allowing me to become an independent entrepreneur and to keep working as a writer, at the same time this book became the preamble of the most important project of my career which is still under development.

During the second semester of 2015 I worked for the section of Michael Fassbender on with the alias of Alma Enigmática, in such ocassion I wrote some articles and review related to the career of this amazing artist.

My work as a researcher

Lately, through the work of Arthur Powel, I began to research more deeply the implications that thought and emotions cause at every level of ones wellbeing, how this energy affects our system even though we are not aware of it, and how the adequate sound frequencies can activate the healing capacity of every cell restoring gradually the balanced state of the overall system.

My journey to a successful recovery has allowed me to have access to many notions related to health and has motivated me to write about them in my blog. It has been an enriching and rewarding learning process which has shown me how to use the resources at my reach to improve my quality of life.