Improve your life quality with appetizing veg recipes

  • Nutritional guide

    Illustrated information about the markings on the iris that helps you to identify potential toxic overloads and the implications related to them.

  • Nutritional guide

    Alimentary tips that will help you to get rid of toxins and that will provide information about the safest sources of all nutrients including vitamins B12 and D.

  • Nutritional guide

    Find delicious easy vegan recipes for all tastes that will help you to combine healthy ingredients in a way that you can detoxify your body while you recover your ideal weight.

  • Nutritional guide
  • Nutritional Guide



  • Delicious vegan meals

    Did you know that many compounds and substances tend to accumulate in the organism due to a metabolic overload caused by a defect on their elimination? This practical nutritional guide has been designed to provide you valuable hints related to the compounds that are accumulating on your body and how to naturally remove them.

    In this practical manual you will find useful advices to incorporate healthy vegan meals but still enjoying the most enchanting flavors. Find tasty veg recipes and their nutritional value. Discover a new world of gastronomic sensations while you assist your body in an integral and effective cleansing. Obtain enhanced results by combining these advisories with our healing frequencies.