Immune system

Each 24 hours session of this frequency will help you to strengthen your immune system and prevent chronic illnesses by encouraging the natural capacity of the body to heal.


How Natural healing works

Since our physical body is the only one we can perceive with our senses, we tend to take each imbalance as something objective, when in fact; those imbalances are the way our body has to tell us about an energetic disturbance. We all have three awareness vehicles through which we are evolving in this physical reality, being the first the physical body which is intertwined with the etheric double, an exact etheric replica of physical body and container for our chakras or energetic centers. The second vehicle is the astral body and third one is the mental body.

Every thought is a form created by the mind based on the impressions produced by the external environment; such mental form is always intertwined with emotions which are part of the astral body, both, mental form and emotions are energy, and when they are negative or of a low vibrational frequency, they create disturbances in our energetic field, when they are not healed in time, such disturbances reach the etheric double and it is reflected in a blockage of one or more energetic centers or chakras, since each one of them rules more than one organ through nervous ganglions located on the spine, the cells on each affected organ ruled by the blocked chakra stop working as they should. You can find more information and real examples properly documented in the Blog section of this site.

Through the application of an adequate healing sound with a specific frequency wave, it is possible to gradually restore the energy flow through the center that was not working properly which in turn will reestablish the equilibrium on each cell and organ ruled by such center. By purchasing a session of 24 hours of any of the healing sounds that are listed below, you can begin a process of harmonization of each energetic center and therefore restore the balance in your life at every level.