The most harmful component of transgenic wheat: glyphosate

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According to investigations developed by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), glyphosate is highly concentrated on the pulp of transgenic wheat. When a cell looks for supplies to form proteins it resorts to the glyphosate instead of the glycine which gives place to the creation of a damaged component. This situation can lead to an unpredictable behavior that could trigger the emergence of many diseases.

The effects produced by glyphosate revealed by prestigious researchers

According to studies made by the WHO (World Health Organization), glyphosate is responsible for different types of cancer that affect they kidneys, pancreas and liver.

The work of prestigious researchers like Stephanie Seneff and Anthony Samsel has made possible for each one of us to have access to this information so we can be aware of the kind of food we are ingesting. Additional studies have revealed that this compound is also responsible for an increasing number of children born with autism.

Recognized Swiss scientific journals of Environmental Research and Health have published more studies that demonstrate how glyphosate is the causative agent of a mysterious kidney disease that has caused at least 20,000 deaths.

Laboratory studies have revealed that glyphosate binds to heavy metals that are contained on foods and on the environment. Such compounds include cadmium, arsenic and mercury which in high concentration endanger life and survival. These toxic substances form stable combinations with the glyphosate which are decomposed only when they reach kidneys. Some of these toxins are released through urine as it has been demonstrated through the analysis of samples of affected patients.

There is fact a precedent that glyphosate was the main compound employed on the fabrication of bombs during the civil war. It is also widely employed on industrial processes due to its capacity of creating strong bonds with heavy metals.

Despite the fact that many corporations insist on denying the harmful effects produced by this compound on overall health, there are studies that support this information with solid evidence. Disease Control Centers and National Cancer Institutes have published results of statistical surveys that reveal that deaths caused by kidney disease have doubled since the introduction of GMO foods and glyphosate.

A silent and progressive poisoning

It is easy to perceive that an increasing number of people are being poisoned without realizing it. Many women exhibit on their faces skin spots which for years have been attributed to pregnancy or liver issues but without investigating the real cause.

Lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines and skin work hard on the removal of toxic compounds that the body is constantly absorbing from the environment. When the intoxication exceeds acceptable levels, these organs cannot keep functioning properly. This situation gradually leads to the emergence of diseases with critical implications.

The liver filters toxins which, by means of the blood flow, are sent to kidneys so they can be expulsed through urine. Since kidneys are terribly damaged by glyphosate, the body looks for alternative ways to get rid of these residues. It could try to accomplish this task through sweat or through bowel movements. Therefore, skin and intestines are forced to work beyond their limits until eventually their performance begins to fail. That explains why skin spots are related to kidney diseases.

detox heavy metals

In my case this situation is clearly visible on the first screenshot which was taken on December of 2015, when, due to the intake of whole wheat I began to accumulate a high concentration of heavy metals. It can be evidently perceived on the spots on my skin. Additionally, the presence of dermatitis herpetiformis, another implication of the consumption of whole wheat, can also be observed on my cutis.

Despite resorting to different organic treatments combined with healing frequencies, I could not achieve a complete recovery because I was still eating foods made with transgenic wheat. Although some improvement was accomplished as it can be perceived on the screenshot of December of 2016.

However, when I completely removed all varieties of wheat from my diet I was able to achieve an important progress by means of the use of the mentioned treatments. Such improvement can be perceived on the screenshot of May of 2017. In less than 6 months I have been able to accomplish better results than those hardly obtained within a year.

By increasing my daily intake of liquids to assist my lymphatic system on an internal cleansing process, I was able to realize that my kidneys were terribly affected by the intake of wheat. Fortunately, the damage is not severe and, with the adequate resources, I am being able to get rid of heavy metals. I will keep posting my improvements through this website hoping that this information can help many more.


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